Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Skyrim Trailer

Awesome or meh? YOU DECIDE!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dead Island Announcement trailer : Emotional or Exploitative?

The internet has been buzzing with the announcement trailer for Dead Island. Most of the reactions to the video are not necessarily about the game, but about the content of the video. The trailer shows the events leading up to the death of a family living on an island resort taken over by zombies. Many see the use of a young girl as the focus of the video as unnecessary and used as a cheap shot to get emotion out of the audience. Whether or not you feel this way, it is hard to deny the impact that the video has made already.

WIRED post on the trailer from a dad's perspective:

See the trailer here:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New RAGE trailer

id Software's newst game, Rage, has a new trailer showing a bit of the game play off.
Does anyone else find this game visually orgasmic?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mortal Kombat : Two ninjas for the price of one...

Noob Saibot is in Mortal Kombat you say?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Companion Cube in Oblivion, Fallout, and KOTOR...kinda

Apparently the Companion Cube has become popular enough to appear in mods across 3 very different games. Now excuse me while I find a way to replace every texture i n Minecraft with the Companion Cube.....

Get the mods here:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/14 /11: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

I realize this is late but whatever, enjoy :D.

P.S. Any help with sizing the photo so it doesn't go past the page and is still readable?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Concept art from Elder Scrolls V

That's right, he has a staff ,dagger, axe, AND shield. That bear better get the fuck out of here!

Bethesda has released some new concept art for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The more I see of Skyrim the more interested I become. I loved Oblivion, even if I never actually finished the game (but the again who actually wanted to close all the Oblivion gates when the side missions were so good?). Obviously, game play must be shown before I can froth at the mouth and prematurely call it the greatest thing ever to grace God's green Earth.

Anyone else looking forward to it?

P.S. Seriously? What kind of Rouge-Wizard needs more than 2 weapons?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/12 /11: The problem with Repetition 
Best website name EVER.
As funny as the above picture is, I do believe it serves to bring up an important topic, repetition in games.It seems like with the amount of times Link has to bust his ass to save some princess he'd just give up and get with some forrest chick....
 Thats what I'm talking about...
source :

Now obviously every form of media succumbs to this problem. Anyone who has seen a romance movie knows that the plot usually follows "Boy meets girl, Boy and girl fall in love, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl Back and they live happily ever after". However predictable a movie is, we still all enjoy the happy ending because deep down inside of us there is a part of us that wants to believe happy endings(lol) do exist in real life. In gaming we have come to accept  repetition so much that we tend to turn our noses at the games that go off the beaten path.
Like all things there is good and bad in reusing successful concepts. Call of Duty 4 popularized perks and player progression in competitive multiplayer. To many gamers it completely changed the way they played shooters, from a casual hobby to an almost obsessive desire to play until they "Prestige'd" before any of their friends. Creating custom load outs was nothing new, but the immense success of the game means that it is with almost perfect certainty every new Call of Duty will include some sort of a progressive multilayer mode. 

My question to you guys is how do you feel about the state of games today? Do we succumb to repeating certain concepts and ideas because it is easy, or because it works well?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/11 /11

I will have to find time to ACTUALLY blog one of these days...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/10 /11

 I apologize for the delay. Instead, enjoy this attractive woman who GODDAMN LOOK AT DAT BODY.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/9/11

 district nine minecraft / 1680x1050 Wallpaper

In a brief flash of inspiration I finally have an idea of what I want to do with this bloggy-mcjigger. I hope I can get it up and running soon for all the world to enjoy. Or just me...sitting alone in my room....silently letting out a tear of joy when my view counter goes into the double digits.....Good Night!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Start with a whimper....

So....I have no idea what I'm going to do ( Honest right?). In truth, I can take this in an infinite number of directions and each would be about the same level of garbage. However, I really want to do something meaningful. If not to you, my jerk-faced imaginary audience, then at least to me (wow this is off to a great start). I really have no clue as to what this will turn into but until then I guess I will have to start with what I know. Ramble on until you hit something funny and stop while you're ahead.

Let me be clear, I am a toddler (not really, although if I was it would make this blog much more interesting).I am a little older than the 14 year old boys on Xbox Live, who all swear like a homophobic racists, however in the scope of gaming as a whole I am quite new to the scene. My first gaming memory is playing Super Mario World on the SNES. Later on my first console would be the N64. I distinctly remember being in awe (à la N64 kid) as I unwrapped the console that would start my addiction (which would alter be solidified by the PlayStation).

 Now, growing up in a lower-middle class home meant that I was not allowed to buy many games. However it was with the invention of rentals that I was able to spend a Saturday afternoon sitting in my room wondering how anyone ever Superman 64 without immediately throwing it into the nearest trash receptacle{Every time I see an image of the game I instinctively pinch myself in order to dull the pain of my memories}

That game was, in every way possible, an abomination and a dirty mark on my relatively clean childhood. I HATED this game. The first level is a time trial in which you, the unsuspecting player, must guide Superman through an obstacle course made up of arbitrarily placed hoops. All through the city the games forces the player to fumble with awkward controls in order to fly through a trail for NO REASON. Why is that hoop under the bridge when I could just as easily go above it and avoid the possibility of flying into the lake MULTIPLE times? Is this really the pinnacle of super-villainy? What master plan does Lex Luther have in store that requires me to traverse this poorly rendered metropolis?

Beyond the first level is a boring "game" in which superman uses his no so super-powers to do...stuff. It seems the trauma from playing this atrocity has blocked my memory of what you actually DO in this game. I'm not sure if that's unfortunate, or a blessing. All in all, Superman 64 taught me that gaming isn't all good. There are bad games out there too. Bad, bad games made by people who probably didn't want to make them in the first place. This however lead me to miss one of the greatest gaming experiences in my life.....

Okay. So the above was noting more than a poorly written rant about a game no one cares about. But honestly I am trying. I need to get all the junk out of my head so that when a gem shows up I can give it the attention it deserves, and not something I just spit out in less than 20 minutes.
Chicka Chicka Yeah
P.S. In order to save yourself from terrible articles, what should I write about in the future?
P.P.S. YES I will do a minecraft chronicles or something, no need to ask again...

Monday, February 7, 2011


So I've decided to let out the crazy probably blown out of proportion genius that is my intro Its probably not a good idea to write my first (second?) post whilst still on a sugar high but fuck it, here I go. I love video games. I love bad food. I especially love eating bad food whilst playing the aforementioned video games. So I guess this I the part where I say "I guess this is the part where I talk about my blog". I will talk about my latest venture into the exciting and often spirit-breaking world of "Vidya Gaems". Also I will on occasion post things that have no reason to be on here so, deal with it. Wow this is getting intro is getting long, right? By being self-referential, am I a douche? Is self-referential even a word?
 Tl;Dr Bottom line: Video games, randomness, Awesomeness(?), and a hint of comedy. If you're into that sort of thing.
Chicka Chicka Yeah
P.S. I love post scripts
P.P.S. See? I told you so.


Getting the kinks worked out. Blog will be up and running shortly.