Sunday, February 13, 2011

Concept art from Elder Scrolls V

That's right, he has a staff ,dagger, axe, AND shield. That bear better get the fuck out of here!

Bethesda has released some new concept art for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The more I see of Skyrim the more interested I become. I loved Oblivion, even if I never actually finished the game (but the again who actually wanted to close all the Oblivion gates when the side missions were so good?). Obviously, game play must be shown before I can froth at the mouth and prematurely call it the greatest thing ever to grace God's green Earth.

Anyone else looking forward to it?

P.S. Seriously? What kind of Rouge-Wizard needs more than 2 weapons?


  1. things they need to fix:
    -annoying battle music messing up my zen thing
    -can't kill birds... there are no birds...
    -need to be able to switch out my weapons like i do in other fps games (1-0 keys)
    -A NEW GAME ENGINE... stop mooching off this one for so damned long and upgrade, even if it does look good.

  2. this looks awesome, i mean i dreamt of dual-wielding Umbra and Goldbrand in oblivion, but now i might actually get the chance to do something like that? i might need to wear a diaper the first time i play that game...

  3. A rogue-wizard with three hands of course! :D

    Also, as a tip, try using smaller pictures that won't fall off the sides when you make a post. D: Just to appease my OCD.

  4. Would be fun, but like everyone I know has suggested, they need to add multiplayer FFFF. but yeah that engine needs to change.