Saturday, February 12, 2011

Picture of the Day 2/12 /11: The problem with Repetition 
Best website name EVER.
As funny as the above picture is, I do believe it serves to bring up an important topic, repetition in games.It seems like with the amount of times Link has to bust his ass to save some princess he'd just give up and get with some forrest chick....
 Thats what I'm talking about...
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Now obviously every form of media succumbs to this problem. Anyone who has seen a romance movie knows that the plot usually follows "Boy meets girl, Boy and girl fall in love, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl Back and they live happily ever after". However predictable a movie is, we still all enjoy the happy ending because deep down inside of us there is a part of us that wants to believe happy endings(lol) do exist in real life. In gaming we have come to accept  repetition so much that we tend to turn our noses at the games that go off the beaten path.
Like all things there is good and bad in reusing successful concepts. Call of Duty 4 popularized perks and player progression in competitive multiplayer. To many gamers it completely changed the way they played shooters, from a casual hobby to an almost obsessive desire to play until they "Prestige'd" before any of their friends. Creating custom load outs was nothing new, but the immense success of the game means that it is with almost perfect certainty every new Call of Duty will include some sort of a progressive multilayer mode. 

My question to you guys is how do you feel about the state of games today? Do we succumb to repeating certain concepts and ideas because it is easy, or because it works well?

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